A Project

Good day, how are you all doing?

Well, I’m in the middle of my holiday now, but next week the real life starts again. And of course it’ll come with all the sufferings of life that we’ve all endured 🙂

But, living is enduring, right? I’ve single-mindedly decided to use that as my life motto, with all the things that I’ve been through, I think that’s the word that suits me the most. I’ve never been a fan of fancy words of encouragement or wisdom, but strangely enough, I find that this simple point of view gives me a protective strength, that propels me ever forward in life. It won’t work for everyone, I think. But it suits my life very well.

Enough about that, else I get all gloomy. I’ve decided to announce (to myself, really, I don’t have any viewers yet here) that I’ve been working on a project since the start of my holiday. It is a novel.

The idea for it struck at me when I was watching a movie. I won’t tell you what movie it was, but my mind visualised a scene while watching a scene in that movie, and suddenly, click! Characters came to the fore, followed by settings and theme in which all of it are suspended. The image was so real and deeply imprinted in me, that I felt that it would be the biggest crime in my life, if this story didn’t mature into a fully-fledged bird.

The poem (or whatever it was) that i wrote just a few moments ago, I Couldn’t Help But Notice, serves as the underlying thematic drive of my creativity about this, and of the novel’s story. It is a scene that I’ve had so long in my mind, along with the feeling brought out by it. It won’t necessarily be included in the novel, but more like the mind of the Main Character talking with itself in the Main Character’s dream, outside of what is told by the story.

Like a supplement for the story, maybe. Hahaha. Idk, doing something like that helps me keep my characterisation on track. Also a good practice.

As of right now, I’m still piecing the story together, how the parts will work and combine to form a resolute and compelling journey. It’s the biggest project of my life, and gives me something to do after a hard day of social-mask-wearing. I hope to finish the conceptualisation by the middle of this year, and after that start wringing out the drafts, maybe. I still have a lot to learn, especially about quality writing. But, let’s just see how it goes. I’m not even thinking about publication right now, I just want to get this idea out of my head and just put it there in a complete and comprehensible state, so that other people can enjoy it too.

Sorry for rambling, just look forward for the next updates about this!


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