Let’s Play With Fire


Hi, friendly wanderer

I’ve been looking for you

something’s bothering

this weary soul


Would you be so kind

as to tell me

about the foreboding

change of seasons?


You see,

it has always been winter

in this obscure

part of the world



I noticed lately


that spring comes

whenever you speak

and summer blows

when your gaze meets mine


A minuscule ember

dances in my heart

singing jolly songs

about an ominous gravity

that pulls like no other


It flickers about, drifting

between mountain peaks

romping down the hill slopes

never standing still


Do you have it too?

this wild, savage ember

marking us as an afflicted

or is it just me?

I wonder, I wonder


I let out a quiet shiver

as a whip of wind

grazes my nape

a tempest, impending


My hands are frozen in place

It’s been cold, oh so cold

an eternity, and forever


Hey, friendly wanderer

a favour, for a good friend?

I know that a storm is coming



Would you be so kind

as to push

that window open

a little bit more?


I’d like to see

this tiny speck of flame

catch wind

and become a searing fire


4 thoughts on “Let’s Play With Fire

  1. If winter is an eternity, that is entirely up to you.
    I love the poem’s imagery of nature, it really reinforce the point being made!


      1. Well, I assumed it was about the beginning of a relationship. The beginning of something that will blossom until eternity. The poem captures the spark ignited, the excitement, the rush of sweet butterflies escaping out and flying over the sweet horizon. It captures beginning of a love song. I hope I am not being too presumptive! ❤️


  2. Hm.. still lonely.. waiting for warmer touch…

    Just feel it.. embrace it it is living.. and every beat is a joy, when you ride with it..

    Keep flowing.. with living

    Liked by 1 person

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